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Kampa Island

Separated from the mainland of Mala Strana by the Certovka (Devil's Canal), leafy Kampa Island is a lovely place to spend your leisure time. The manmade island was the result of the narrow Certovka stream, dug to power water mills (a few of these mills still exist today). The name of the stream is rumored to be named after a nasty spirited woman who resided in a nearby home titled the Seven Devils and who also washed her dirty laundry in the stream. Kampa Island was first mentioned in 1169. This island of gardens was designed in the English landscaping style with promenades alongside the Vltava and Certovka. Kampa Island, often referred to as the Venice of Prague, does not offer gondola rides, but does offer beautiful greenery, spectacular views of the Vltava, and is the perfect place for a midday picnic or a romantic nighttime walk. The island also features Kampa Museum, an old mill renovated into a cool contemporary art gallery where you can see a permanent exhibition of Frantisek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund.

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 Kampa Island, Praha 1.


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