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The Royal Summer Palace

In the lovely Royal Garden sits the most magnificent example of Renaissance architecture this side of the River Arno, the Royal Summer Palace, or the often-called Queen Anne's Summer Palace. Commissioned by Ferdinand I in 1538 for his loving wife Queen Anne, the palace was designed and built by the combined efforts of Italian stonemasons, who managed the gallery and its breezy arcade and the intricate classical relief decorations, and Bonifaz Wohlmut and Hans Tirol, responsible for the superstructure and the remarkable roof. The Palace was to provide a venue for social gatherings among the Aristocrats and also to enrich the experience of a garden visit. Sadly though, Queen Anne never set her royal foot inside the Palace, as she passed delivering her 15th child and the Palace was yet to be finished. The Austrian Army used the Palace in the late 18th century, after which the building needed a renovation. In 1836 a grand staircase was added along with original wall paintings depicting important scenes from Czech history. Notice the 16th century bronze fountain by Tomas Jaros in the nearby garden, called The Singing Fountain, the fountain used to sing or hum when water would flow through. After extensive restorations though, the fountain has sadly sung its last tune. The Royal Summer Palace is open to the public only during art exhibitions.

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