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Vinohrady Theater | Art Nouveau
Vinohrady Theater | Prague | Side View
Vinohrady Theater | Prague | Lamp Post
Vinohrady Theater | Prague Arts and Entertainment
Vinohrady Theater | St. Ludmila View

Vinohrady Theater

The lovely Art Nouveau Vinohrady Theater sits on the side of the grand church of St. Ludmila in the neighborhood of Vinohrady. The dominant Art Nouveau theater, home to one of the main drama scenes in Prague opened on November 24, 1907. Hundreds of popular actors, playwrights, and directors have graced the Vinohrady Theater with their presence and talent. The current talents heading the theater are main director Tomáš Töpfer with artistic director Martin Stropnický. Under their watchful eyes the theater presents more or less known historical and contemporary pieces with popular actors such as Viktor Preiss, Václav Vydra, Hana Maciuchová and many others. The Vinohrady Theater boasts modern concepts of classic plays, guaranteeing that each theater piece will continue to surprise you. You can buy 200 and 500 CZK gift vouchers at the theater box office if you are searching for original gifts for your loved ones.

náměstí Míru 6, Praha 2, +420 224 257 601,


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