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Riegrovy Sady

Located in the gorgeous Art Nouveau district of Vinohrady bordering Zizkov is the lush and rather large Riegrovy Sady (Rieger’s Park). This pleasant park stretches between Italská, Chopinova, Polská, and Vozová streets and is one of the most popular leisure spots in Prague 2. The park takes its name from František Ladislav Rieger, a Czech politician. At the main entrance of Riegrovy Sady off of Italská Street there is a statue by Josef Václav Myslbek of Rieger from 1913. The park was established in 1904 as a public garden in the English style and has been a peaceful green area ever since. These days Riegrovy Sady offers many forms of entertainment and leisure including one of Prague’s largest beer gardens with large screen TVs for sporting events, a few smaller intimate cafes with Wi-Fi, a playground for children, walking paths, plenty of greenery for picnics, sun bathing, games and dog walking, plus spectacular views of the city and its majestic castle.

Riegrovy sady, Praha 2. 


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