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Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Nature Reserve

A popular tourist destination with Prague residents is the Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys nature reserve (Prokopské and Dalejské údolí) in the southwest area of Prague. The nature reserve is easily accessible from the surrounding Prague quarters of Jinonice, Hlubočepy, Butovice, Řeporyje and Barrandov. The western part of the park is formed by the Dalejské valley, which spreads along the Dalejský potok stream. From its confluence with the Prokopský potok stream the nature reserve is called Prokopské Valley. Thanks to several hiking trails the park is an ideal place for long walks. Dalejské and Prokopské Valleys were declared a nature reserve in 1993 thanks to the occurrence of protected plants, deposit of fossils and its karst area presenting the northernmost part of the Czech Karst. In the nature reserve there are many places with beautiful and often unusual views of Prague and other places. Visitors to the valley reserve like to stop by the Hlubočepy's Jezírko (Small Lake), a water-filled former limestone quarry. The local railroad track is not only a means of transport, but also a historical attraction – one of the two railway lines leads through the valley, while the so-called Prague Semmering passes over Hlubočepy on two high viaducts. Whether you set off to Prokopské and Dalejské valleys at any time of the year, the local landscape will certainly enchant you.

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