Karel Gott (1939 – 2019)

Karel Gott, also known as the famous Golden Voice of Prague, had a career spanning over 40 years in which he sold over 30 million albums. Karel Gott was repeatedly named the Golden Nightingale, or the best male singer in the Czech Republic for the last 35 or more years, a title he surely deserved. He started his musical career when he attended the Prague Conservatory to study opera singing under Konstantin Karenin in 1960, who taught Karel classical Italian as well as contemporary songs. After he finished his schooling at the Prague Conservatory, he was offered a position at the Prague Semafor Theater where he learned how to dance and communicate with an audience. It was around this time that he released two top singles that would make him a household name, a Czech version of Henry Mancini’s Moon River and his own song Eyes Covered by Snow. Karel Gott was an amateur painter as well.

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