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Seefood Shop

Located in the historic Palladium Shopping Center, in the Lesser Town district and in Prague 6 is the Seefood Shop, a well-stocked store that sells not only a wide variety of fresh scrumptious fish but also meat including whole racks of lamb, poultry and sausages, dairy products, olive oils, canned delicacies including French and Japanese specialties and much more (Please not that Seefood Shop in Zborovská does not sell meat and poultry). The Sushi Bar, the first sushi restaurant to open in the Czech Republic, as well as the Seefood Shop, is operated by the Seefood Company and is by far the best sushi restaurant the city has to offer, a clear indication that Seefood Shop offers exclusive, fresh cuts of fish and more. Seefood Shop features the freshest seafood in Prague including a variety of oysters, mussels, clams and many kinds of fish as well as an exciting range of French delicacies. If you are searching for fresh fish, cheese, meat, poultry or other delicacies Seefood Shop is the place to go – or get these delights delivered fresh right to your door with the convenient Seefood Box service. Happy shopping! 

Praha 1, Nám. Republiky 1, Palladium Shopping Mall, +420 602 642 412. Zborovská 49, Praha 5, +420 257 320 109, 


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