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Malostranská Beseda Music and Theater Club

Located on the second floor of the Malostranská Beseda is the Music and Theater Club which offers a rich and varied program of music styles such as rock, funk, alternative, folk, singer/songwriter style, blues, chanson, oldies and many others as well as interesting theater performances. The spacious club consists of three separate rooms, a coatroom, a bar area and a stage room. You enter through the coatroom and then find yourself in the bar & lounge room. This spacious room invokes a coffeehouse or bar from the past with a vaulted and frescoed ceiling, a wooden bar, an abundance of windows with wonderful views of Lesser Town Square and intimate round wooden tables with chairs. The stage room is a wonderful treat indeed with rows of comfortable seats and an intimate stage; this room also features a frescoed ceiling. The Malostranská Beseda Music and Theater Club has a long tradition of offering the people of Prague interesting independent art, which was true even in the years of communism when Malostranska Beseda was seen as an island of freedom by many and offered a much-needed alternative to the official 'government' pop which was to be seen on TV in those days. This tradition luckily survived the Velvet Revolution and is still flourishing after the recent meticulous reconstruction of the whole complex. The lower level of the complex features the Malostranská Beseda Cafe and Pilsner Urquell Restaurant, the perfect place to grab a bite to eat alongside a delicious Czech beer!

Malostranské Náměstí 21, Praha 1,,  



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