The National Museum

The biggest museum complex in the Czech Republic is the National Museum.

With over 10 buildings (some located outside of Prague), the museum boasts millions of artifacts and objects from the past. The objective of the museum is to further develop national identity within the Czech lands, the continent of Europe, and the world itself. The impressive collection covers areas of botany, entomology, zoology, anthropology, archeology, mycology, paleontology, and mineralogy. The collections range from natural science to specific fields of sociology.

The main building of the institute of the National Museum is hard to miss. Perched atop famous Wenceslas Square, this gorgeous historical building awaits your anticipated educational visit. The exterior may look a bit worse for wear, but the interior is spectacular, especially the main hall with its amazing staircases, the golden and deep red decor, the wall paintings of the Czech Republic located throughout the museum, and the patterned marble floors; this building was designed, built and decorated to impress and awe. The objects housed inside include one of the most extensive mineralogy collections in the world (it is simply impressive), and collections of botany, entomology, anthropology, archaeology, paleontology and zoology. The museum also features a lovely cafe and gift shop.

Wenceslas Square 68 Praha 1, +420-224-497-111,

Address: Václavské náměstí 68, Praha 1

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