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The Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka is undeniably one of Prague’s most famous sons. Born to a German speaking family in Prague (then part of Austria-Hungry), Kafka is famous as one of the top writers of the 20th century. Paving the way for artists and authors with his influence in Existentialism and Modernism, Kafka is represented widely in the city of Prague. It is a fact that one cannot walk through the Old Town district of Prague without encountering Kafka t-shirts, notebooks, mugs and the like. Instead of excepting Kafka as a tourist attraction why not find out more about his life in a more authentic setting? The Franz Kafka Museum is a welcome place to do so. The museum hosts a permanent exhibition titled The City of K. Franz Kafka and Prague, which chronicles the author’s life and works. Interestingly enough the exhibition opened in Barcelona in 1999 and in 2002-2003 was moved to the Jewish Museum in New York. Only in 2005 did the exhibition move to Kafka’s home in the gorgeous city of Prague. The museum in situated in the Hergetova cihelna complex (the renovated Herget Brickworks factory), complete with an interesting and unique courtyard sculptural fountain by David Cerny, in the charming quarter of Lesser Town on the embankment of the winding Vltava River.

Cihelná 2b, Praha 1, +420 257 535 373, 


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