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As coffee has been a part of everyday life for many ages as the varied history of the coffee bean dates all the way back to 525 A.D., so it deserves a museum dedicated to its widespread popularity. Coffee, a drink that seems to break down cultural barriers as all societies enjoy its dark and flavored aroma is consumed by 90% of the world’s adult population by necessity to awake in the morning and at social gatherings. Coffee binds us together, cheers our moods and sharpens our senses, it is of no small wonder why it is so popular. This universal drink is represented at the Prague Coffee Museum, which pays hommage to the history of coffee and coffee culture throughout the world. The colorful and educational exhibition features the story of the coffee bean, which begins in a coffee plantation and ends up as a cup of Joe in your coffee cup, as well as old, long gone coffee machines, roasters, grinders, coffee cups and saucers and more. The Prague Coffee Museum is located in the residential area of Prague 7 and features a cafe serving freshly roasted Ebel Coffee.


Jana Zajíce 7, Praha 7, +420 603 552 758, 


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