Černá labuť Art & Event Gallery

Looking for an intriguing place where you could organize an exhibition, art project, company or private party, or other events? If so, consider renting the unique Černá labuť Art & Event Gallery space. Situated on the eighth floor of the Černá labuť building at Na Poříčí 25 – this is an amazing space that will make any party unforgettable. The cultural history of the venue dates back to the 1920s; in this setting the world of art has always met together with gastronomy and business. The creator of today’s unusual multifunctional space, from which there is a beautiful view of Prague's whimsical rooftops, is the world famous Czech architect, Eva Jiřičná. The gallery boasts barrier free access, it is air-conditioned in the hot summer months, and offers flexible sitting set-ups. The interior can be divided into two separate units and offers a capacity of 250. The gallery also provides high-tech technical equipment (suitable for conferences, seminars, debates, etc.). Premium catering is provided by the Prague Catering company, which has rich experience with all sorts of social events including cocktail parties, company parties, dinner parties, barbecue and garden parties, and children's parties; all events can be modified according to all your catering needs and requests. Prague Catering also offers barman shows, wine-tasting parties, etc. Prague Catering always places great emphasis on the quality and freshness of all offered food and drinks. Do not hesitate and rent this original place today - you will certainly be thrilled with the Černá labuť Art & Event Gallery’s unique atmosphere and Prague Catering's premium services.

Na Poříčí 25, Praha 1, Event Manager, Zuzana Kazdová: +420 777 287 770, www.cernalabut.cz

Address: Na Poříčí 25, Praha 1

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