The permanent exhibition at KusKovu Gallery that is located at Biskupský dvůr in the center of Prague presents works of art, jewels and applied art from metal and its combinations with other materials. Regularly the gallery holds exhibitions of mainly Czech jewelry designers, artists and blacksmiths, whether they are experienced or independent new artists. The common characteristics of all the exhibited works are originality and the professional processing of the exhibited objects. Artists that have been exhibiting at the gallery since its opening in 2006 include, for example, Libor Hurda, Igor Kitzberger, Hanuš Lamr, Věra Nováková, Lada Vosejpková, Karel Votipka, Zazu Laka and many others. The KusKovu Gallery also provides the manufacture of artistic objects and interior and exterior accessories tailored to its clients' wishes.

Biskupský dvůr 6, 110 00 Praha 1, tel.: +420 737 200 127, e-mail: info@kuskovu.cz, www.kuskovu.cz

Address: Biskupský dvůr 6, 110 00 Praha 1

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