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In 2007, a gallery with a unique location and concept was founded in Říčany, 20 kilometers southeast of the city center of Prague. The concept consists of sale of artworks which have been created by talented and young upcoming artists. The Kotelna Gallery was established by Eva Kočová, a gallerist, who has rebuilt a large, old and unused boiler room in Říčany into an unconventional gallery with extraordinary lighting and 600 m2 of art space, which enables the gallery to present also truly large format pieces of art. Eva Kočová, the founder and owner of the gallery, believes in the young generation of Czech artists, whose artworks will gain the appropriate value in the future years, and, therefore, she provides them, the talented "youngsters", with a great space for self-presentation. Eva Kočová simply follows the "buy these artworks before they get famous" motto, thanks to which there is a great number of auctions being held in the gallery that is full of high quality and unique pieces of art, which are affordable and will not ruin your budget. Besides auctions presenting primarily oil paintings created by art school students and graduates, the Kotelna Gallery also holds solo exhibitions of individual artists. The gallery offers painting and sculpture courses for older children and adults, often led by artists whose artworks are exhibited in the gallery. Thanks to that, the course participants will be inspired and also learn various techniques. The gallery also provides the clients with sales service, so in case you are interested in any of the large scale pieces of art, but not quite sure of how it would fit in your interior, the gallery will simply lend you the painting. The sales service includes a complete scale of consulting related to the artwork itself, the artist and also the process of the selection of the artwork (whether you are considering buying a painting for aesthetic or investment purposes). In 2009, Eva Kočová won the "Rebel of the Year" category of the Hospodářské noviny prize – a fact proving that she is doing things differently and doing them well. Drop by the Kotelna Gallery, just 30 minutes by train from the Prague Main Railway Station and see firsthand this unique concept, which is not to be found in the big city. 

Plynární 1815/1, Říčany, +420 323 604 137, galeriekotelna@seznam.cz, www.galeriekotelna.cz 


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