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Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Located in Old Town is the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, one of the only galleries in Prague to solely focus on the art of architecture. The gallery introduces important individuals and groups from around the world which have contributed to the development of architecture. Situated in a lovely old renovated building, the gallery is right next to the famous Bethlehem Chapel, which was rebuilt according to a project fronted by Jaroslav Fragner in 1949-1953. The impressive space, especially the main exhibition hall, feels warm and inviting with a wooden vaulted ceiling and wooden floors. Apart from exhibitions, the gallery also offers lectures and seminars and sells self-published exhibition catalogues in Czech and often in English. The exhibitions created by the Josef Fragner Gallery in the past feature The Czech Architectonic Cubism presented among others in the Czech Center in Tokio and in the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki or New Face of Prague introducing the fifty most most interesting Prague architectonic projects from the last 20 years. Among the exhibitions hosted by the gallery were Horror Vacui - The Horror of Emptiness, an exhibition focusing on the development of Dutch cities, or Green Architecture.cz presenting environmentally-friendly and ecology-conscious architecture and many others. The gallery offers student group and other discounts. Learn about Czech and international architecture in the impressive interior of Jaroslav Fragner gallery, a gallery which is truly worth your time.

Betlémské náměstí 5, Praha 1,+420 222 222 157, www. gjf.cz 


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