The Old Sewage Cleaning Station
Old Sewage Cleaning Station | Interior
Old Sewage Station | Art Forms 2010
Old Sewage Station | Industrial Gem
Old Sewage Station | Art Forms Fashion
Old Sewage Station | Brickwork
Old Sewage Station | Machinery Detail
Old Sewage Station | Art Exhibition
Sewage Museum | Art Forms 2010
Old Sewage Station | Grand Hall
Old Sewage Station | Massive Machinery
Ekotechnické Museum | Interior
Art Forms 2010 | Old Sewage Treatment Plant

The Old Sewage Cleaning Station

In the quiet residential neighborhood of Prague 6 there is a small industrial section where you will find the Old Sewage Cleaning Station Museum. Inside this whimsical brick complex you can see how the sewage of Prague was dealt with and appreciate one of the gems of Industrial Architecture in Prague. The all brick complex from the beginning of 1900s has been renovated and features guided tours where you can discover the magic of history with an intriguing tour that starts underground and also showcases two huge stationary steam engines from 1903 that are preserved in working condition, which are demonstrated from time to time. The multi-layered building features a labyrinth of massive underground brick rooms with beautiful arch work and small tunnels of still water underneath. The overall effect of the beautiful brickwork, the oddly shaped rooms and the occasional skylight with ivy growing out of it, is pure magic with a high level of neo Victorian creepiness! The main hall of this gorgeous industrial gem is also available to rent out for private functions.

Papírenská 6, Praha 6. For commercial event rentals: Call Tomáš Věžník at +420 774 439 527, 


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