Algiz Gallery

Located in the up-and-coming post-industrial area of Karlín is Algiz Gallery. Opened in 2009, Algiz Gallery’s main amibition is to bring Czech culture to a wider audience and to promote domestic arts. Algiz features artists from various generations and from various artistic backgrounds. Well-known, seasoned artists as well as bright young students and lesser-known artists are presented at Algiz Gallery in order to provide the public with an eclectic and unique mix of art work. Algiz Gallery offers three spacious exhibition halls; the main exhibition hall can be adapted to host art openings or workshops. Together with exhibiting and the sale of art work, Algiz Gallery also provides gift packing and dedication cards, gift certificates, delivery service, interior decorating and portraitures by professional artists. Algiz Gallery’s collection includes conceptional, architectural and figurative art works, photography, ceramics, landscapes, still-lifes and Prague-themed paintings.


Březinova 13, Praha 8, +420 725 050 749, 

Address: Březinova 13, Praha 8

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