MIRO Gallery

MIRO Gallery, located in the Castle District and situated on the gorgeous grounds of Strahov Monastery is one of the most popular galleries in the magnificent city of Prague. The MIRO Gallery was founded in Berlin in 1987 and was moved to Prague in April of 1994, specifically to the beautiful church of St. Roch, which dates back to the Renaissance era. MIRO Gallery was born in Prague due to financial assistance provided from Karel Gott who gave the founder of the gallery Miro Smolák, a one million Crown interest free loan to upstart the fascinating gallery. Since the opening, MIRO Gallery has organized over 150 unique temporary exhibitions alongside musical concerts. MIRO Gallery features 170 square meters and aims is to present classic international modernism and has exhibited work from world-famous artists such as Picasso, Derain, Braque, Chagall, Miró, Dalí, Legér, Rodin, Magritte, Dürer, Warhol, Sokol, Svolinský, Galanda, Tichý, Mucha and others. The gallery also features the art of contemporary Czech and international artists.  

Strahovské nádvoří 132/1, Praha 1, www.galeriemiro.cz 

Address: Strahovské nádvoří 132/1, Praha 1

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