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Uhelný mlýn

Not far from Prague, in the extensive area of a factory complex in Libčice, stands Uhelný mlýn (Coal Mill), an industrial building from the beginning of the 20th century, which has – thanks to a complete renovation – become a unique and sought-after sight. In cooperation with a close circle of specialists, Czech architect Patrik Hoffman has turned the old mill into a one-of-a-kind, industrial structure with many functions and possibilities. The upper floor of the building is where a showroom of Danish timeless furniture is, while the middle floor focuses on contemporary art. The GUBI showroom will surely please all lovers of timeless design, offering a large number of cleverly designed, iconic pieces of furniture and accessories. These include stylish decorations, mirrors and coat stands, various kinds of lightings, tables of all sizes and functions, stools, chairs and armchairs, storage furniture and more. Below the showroom, there is an inspiring gallery & shop, which goes under the name Arto.to, where you will be presented with quality contemporary art. In the wide range of art works you will surely find the one that your home has been lacking. Moreover, the complex of Uhelný mlýn comprises another, adjacent structure – the Kotelna (Boiler Room) building, boasting three separable parts – a large event hall with extremely high ceilings, a smaller background space and a basement space that is large enough to hold a party. The basement space surrounds a massive chimney heel with a water reservoir, making it truly evocative. Kotelna presents the perfect choice for those who are searching for a place where to hold a workshop, an exhibition, a company event or any other social event including weddings, birthday parties, etc. Both the main building and the boiler room stand in an impressively special area, in which once over 1,600 people worked. In its surroundings you can find everything - the bank of the Vltava River lined with a massive rock, matured trees, railroad tracks and various houses. For the renovation & restoration of Uhelný mlýn, the Hoffman Atelier (which is led by Patrik Hoffman) won several major awards, including the Architecture Grand Prix for 2013.

Uhelný mlýn, Libčice nad Vltavou, +420 776 110 734, um@uhelnymlyn.cz 


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