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Located in Prague 7 in a former electric works building is the celebrated Chemistry Gallery, a unique independent space for the city of Prague where you can focus on interesting artwork from contemporary artists and, of course, purchase pieces to add to your art collection. The Chemistry Gallery also features an online comprehensive list of artists and their portfolio presentations where you can purchase and view their work. As a successful gallery of art, the Chemistry Gallery can arrange exhibitions in partner galleries around the world, further proof that the art featured in the Chemistry Gallery is top notch and the artists will be known in art circles in due time. The flexible background of the gallery enables them to host and organize artistic exhibitions, art auctions, company presentations, press conferences, specific themed projects, curator hosting and workshops. The Chemistry Gallery services also include artwork design for private and public interiors including installations, artwork rental and video multi media work for hotels, banks, shopping centers and businesses.

Bubenská 1, Praha 7, +420 773 588 075, 


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