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RedRoom Bar & Cafe

Located on bustling Myslíkova Street, situated between Karlovo Namesti and the winding Vltava River is RedRoom Bar & Cafe, a popular nightspot with tourists and local Bohemians alike. RedRoom Bar & Café features a spacious and bright red interior decorated with original wall art and friendly professional staff members who mix expert thirst-quenching cocktails. RedRoom Bar & Cafe is proud to feature live entertainment nightly (except Mondays and Tuesdays) whether it be an independent rock band or an open mic evening offering the best of the best local talent including all genres of music, poetry and more. A full schedule is available to check out on their website for all your entertainment needs. If you are searching for an unpretentious affordable bar where you chill out, drink tasty cocktails, quality coffee or the world’s best beer all the while being entertained, RedRoom Bar & Café is for you.


Myslíkova 28, Praha 2, +420 222 520 084, 



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