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Official Prague Airport parking services are not only safe, monitored by CCTV system and patrolled by a security agency, but also provide the customers with the highest level of comfort. The covered parking located directly at the Prague Airport with its modern parking system has no competition. Depending on the length of your stay abroad you choose the ideal type of parking for you. The best option for fast pick-up and drop-off of passengers within 15 minutes is directly in front of the terminals and is free of charge. In case you need to spend more than an hour at the airport waiting or seeing someone off, the best solution for you is short-term parking, which is a 2 minute walk from the terminal and features a rate of 50 CZK per hour. If you are taking a long trip abroad and you are looking for the best and most economical solution, you might be interested in the low-cost and safe covered parking garage (Parking D), located 7 minutes from the terminal or one stop by bus using the public transport system. The weekly rate starts at 750 CZK. In case you want to stay for a time period of several days to weeks, you want to save time and gain comfort with covered, secure parking in the lot closest to the terminals, you should head towards Parking C, where you also have the option of using the VIP parking lot. Prague Airport parking also offers extra services which include for example washing and interior cleaning, refueling, non-stop dispatching or free storage of valuables from your vehicle. The parking payment system is logical and simple and you have your car directly after arrival at your disposal.  

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