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GO Parking features maximum safety with a minimum price, this GO Parking motto perfectly describes the two biggest advantages of this company. 3 minutes from the Prague international airport in the direction of Slaný you will find a reliable and safe parking area, which you will surely appreciate during your short or long term travels to or from Prague. Thanks to their automatic parking system the entrance into the parking lot is easy and convenient. If you are coming without a reservation, you simply push the button at the entrance gate and the gate will open. If you make a reservation through the GO Parking website in advance, you will get a parking voucher via email, which can be scanned at the gate. In case you are a frequent flyer and you plan to use the GO Parking services regularly, you will be issued a GO Parking Smart Card. Immediately after you park your vehicle, the GO Parking shuttle will bring you to your departure hall at the Prague Airport. The transfer is very quick and reliable and it takes you and your luggage as close as possible to the terminal. When you return from your trip, you simply call the shuttle telephone number +420 840 300 840 and a minibus will pick you up in a few minutes directly at your terminal. Payment and check out are very quick and easy and you will surely be surprised by the affordable parking prices. An ATM is available for your convenience if you do not have cash. All day parking costs 350 CZK and the 900 CZK rate for one week of parking is around the same price as one journey by taxi from the center of Prague and back. Go ahead and enjoy what GO Parking promises: “You fly, we care!”

Ke Kopanině 406, Tuchoměřice, +420 840 300 840, www.goparking.cz



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