Drtinova Parking Garage

Drtinova Parking Garage

Located close to lovely Petrin Hill and a few blocks from the popular shopping center of Novy Smichov, the 24-hour Drtinova Parking Garage offers parking spaces for CZK 40 per hour, and CZK 300 per day for cars, CZK 350 per day for vans, and CZK 180 per day for motorcycles. The cost for a monthly parking spot is CZK 5400. All of the prices include 20% VAT. The parking garage also features a full service station and hand car washes and detailing.

Drtinova 9, Praha 5, +420 257 321 782, +420 257 311 407, +420 602 227 566, www.garage-parking.cz


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