House cleaning services including window cleaning, curtain washing, dusting, ironing, floor waxing, door cleaning and more present no problem for the experienced Czech company AllServices in Prague 9. However, that is not where its offer of household services ends. The AllServices company provides small repairs in households, crafts such as painting, plumbing, electrician work, home moving, carpet laying and the more than ever popular service of the so-called husband for hire service who will do small crafts for you. A part of AllServices portfolio is also office cleaning and rental of cleaning equipment. AllServices takes care that all its activities are in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection and workplace safety. On the company’s website you will find useful tips and advice e.g. regarding parquet floor maintenance, stain removal etc. AllServices also operates an online store where you can buy professional cleaning equipment, detergents etc. If you are looking for a company that will provide common services related with home maintenance the Prague family firm AllServices cannot disappoint you.

Nademlejnská 600/1, Praha 9, +420 77 44 88 123 (Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 16:00),

Address: Nademlejnská 600/1, Praha 9

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