D & D servis

Leave your worries regarding house or office cleaning behind with D & D Servis and spend your valuable time with your family, friends or business partners. D & D servis is a professional company offering quality-cleaning services for reasonable prices for family houses and apartments, offices, prefabricated houses, retail space etc. The exact time when cleaning is performed, the extent and nature of cleaning services is always tailored to customer's needs and wishes. D & D servis offers one-off and regular cleaning seven days a week, 24 hours a day all over the Czech Republic. D & D servis offers comprehensive cleaning services including window cleaning, shop window cleaning, carpets washing, furniture polishing, doing laundry and many other services. The company credo is quality, reliability and helpfulness. D & D servis has a team of perfectly cooperating professionals who took the company strategy for their own. Take advantage of ordering D & D services online, get a discount for provided services and become one of the many satisfied customers of D & D servis.

Výletní 398/27, Praha 4, +420 244 470 603, http://uklid-praha.ddservis.eu

Address: Výletní 398/27, Praha 4

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