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Located on bustling Dlouha Street that leads to the famous Old Town Square is Aries Tattoo. This alternative store is the place to go to for all forms of body modification, whether it is for a tattoo, new hairstyle (Aries Tattoo provides alternative hairstyles using only Redken and Directions professional hairstyling products and specializes in extravagant hairstyles such as dreadlocks and wild, bold dye jobs) or a piercing. Aries Tattoo parlor has been open for years and is operated by a professional, internationally experienced and talented staff members, who strive to provide you with the highest quality and artistic service there is. The staff members rely on personal communication between themselves and their clients, proving that your tattoo, hairstyle or piercing vision is their vision as well. The hygienic Aries Tattoo provides thousands of tattoo motifs to choose from or they are also happy to produce your own personal creation. It is wise to book a tattoo room one week in advance, if you have chosen a more difficult and intricate tattoo, then you should contact Aries a month in advance. The starting price of a tattoo is 1000CZK; prices are proportional to the size and complexity of the chosen tattoo.

Dlouhá 40, Praha 1, +420 224 826 114, +420 602 942 340,



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