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We probably do not need to remind you that you deserve only the best for yourself. But so does your wardrobe! Whether it’s full of shirts, designer dresses, or leather clothes, your wardrobe will always be in perfect shape thanks to Luxury Dry Cleaning. The Prague-based company Luxury Dry Cleaning is not a regular dry cleaning service, although it may seem as one at first glance. For starters, the company cooperates with a wide range of dry cleaning shops, the most premium of them situated in Germany. Luxury Dry Cleaning goes above and beyond and provides a fashion concierge service—a personal service for your wardrobe. This means that you do not have to take your dirty clothes anywhere, because the company will pick them up for you—anywhere and anytime. Your wardrobe deserves to be taken care of by a specialist. Your personal "fashion concierge" is here to make sure that you will have all the pieces of clothing you need in time and in the best shape, ensuring that your expensive dress will not get ruined by unprofessional dry cleaning methods, your leather jacket will look perfect for decades, and your shoes will always be clean and shiny. Since Luxury Dry Cleaning uses high-quality cleaning agents by the New York brand The Laundress, you can rest assured that your items will be well taken care of, even if they are made of the most demanding materials. You will also be able to purchase these premium cleaning products. Luxury Dry Cleaning's team of experts knows how to handle even the most delicate and unique pieces of clothing, including wedding dresses or custome-made fur garments, which are usually quite a challenge to clean. Furthermore, the fashion concierge services provided by Luxury Dry Cleaning include clothing repairs and alterations by prominent tailors, fashion consultancy, personal shopping, or bespoke tailoring, mainly focused on women's business attire. If you need proof that Luxury Dry Cleaning is the best in the business, browse through the numerous positive references on their official website. Get your wardrobe in shape today!


 Londýnská 254/7, Praha 2, +420 731 777 711,,


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