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The Prague-based company Aquaplumb leans on its long-term experience in plumbing, gas and heating services. Aquaplumb provides sewerage and water system cleaning, water pipe network installation, supply and installation of bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, washing machines, dryers, sinks and the like. The company also offers repairs of heating, connection of gas appliances, repairs and installations of boilers, as well as electricity works such as replacement of light fixtures, outlets and revisions. In case of a failure you will certainly welcome its nonstop emergency service provided (as well as its other services) in Prague and its vicinity. Aquaplumb has at its disposal quality technologies, own transport service and mechanization. Its employees who are regularly trained in order to command new technological procedures work fast and provide high-quality work. Works not provided by the company employees are supplied by subcontracting companies, Aquaplumb's long-term cooperators. Aquaplumb's customers always have to express their consent with a submitted price calculation before any works are started. If you become a regular client of Aquaplumb, you are entitled to a 20% discount. Aquaplumb also operates an e-shop with gas boilers, water heaters and heating systems of various brands including Junkers, Mora, Protherm, Dakon, Vaillant and Therm.

Patočkova 4/6, Praha 6, +420 220 960 636, free 24hour line:+420 800 555 100,


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