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Paralelní polis

One of the main centers where fans and owners of cryptocurrencies meet are the non-profit organization Parallel Polis in Holešovice. The main theme and focal point for the whole Polis are new technologies, decentralization and related cryptoanarchy, or anarchy based on the use of a decentralized cryptocurrency system. 

The center is known for its strong community. It welcomes liberal-minded, innovative freelancers and startups with interest in digital freedom topics and developing projects in the field of decentralization, P2P and crypto technology.

In Parallel Polis, you can find a Paper Hub, a shared office where a bunch of freelancers, small work teams, and emerging startups combine. The main space of the Paper Hub is an open space office equipped with honeycomb furniture, a comfortable chillout zone in the very center of the room and two smaller offices with fixed desks. Paper Hub’s unusual work environment has also been awarded several times, for example, in the Meeting room of the Year 2015 competition or for the best coworking space in Central Europe in 2016.

Like all concepts in Parallel Polis, Paper Hub only accepts payments in cryptocurrencies – currently in bitcoins and litecoins. There are several types of flexible memberships so that everyone can choose what is best for them. And there is always an option of a free trial day.


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