The Begging Skeleton

Beware of the tall Begging Skeleton! One of Prague’s tallest and friendliest ghosts just so happens to be a staggeringly tall skeleton! He haunts the area surrounding the Karolinum after dusk. He is not dangerous and is not interested in sober people, only those who are intoxicated, those of which he will beg money from. The sad story goes something like this: In the olden days the Karolinum was used as a medical faculty where a very tall very elegant young man named Vincenc worked. One old anatomy professor was enthralled with the young man’s body and told him that he would make a wonderful addition to his collection of skeletons. The young man, who was poor, suggested that the professor purchase his skeleton and the doctor agreed wholeheartedly and paid him a pretty penny. Unfortunately the young man used his gold to gamble and drink and ended up in a bar fight with other drunk fellows who killed him. Nowadays the Skeleton walks the streets in the environs of the Karolinum begging for money from drunken people so he can purchase his freedom from the professor.

Ovocny Trh. 3 Praha 1. The Begging Skeleton haunts the area just after dusk.  

Address: Ovocny Trh. 3 Praha 1

In the Neighborhood

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