MeetFactory Theater

Located in Prague 5 and situated in a spacious old factory is the MeetFactory. The MeetFactory is a modern cultural complex featuring an art gallery, theater, and a live music venue. This review concentrates on the modern stage at MeetFactory. Defined as an alternative director’s establishment, the MeetFactory Theater wishes to provide a meeting place for both Czech and foreign artists and to boast multicultural consciousness. The long-term goal of the MeetFactory Theater though is to promote independent original theater to a wider audience, providing a stimulating experience for both Czech and foreign viewers with a high artistic value. Foreign and Czech artists are eligible for residency stays. The theater is 150 square meters; the venue can seat an audience of 150, or 100 with a sloping audience area. 




Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5, +420 775 617 874,

Address: [50.05324;14.40823]

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