Hruboskalsko Rock City

Right in the heart of Český ráj (Czech Paradise) between the Hrubá Skála chateau and Valdštejn Castle is the intriguing Hruboskalsko sandstone rock city. This rock city consists among others of natural rock towers reaching up to 55 meters. The rocks are made of geologically late and thus softer sandstone and so this rock city has an extremely rugged character (thanks to which the rock city is loved by rock climbers) and features a number of aesthetically pleasing shapes and crevices. The overall impression is underlined by the forested and hilly character of the Hrubá Skála landscape which includes multiple steep canyons as well. The emergence of the Hruboskalsko rock city dates back to the Mesozoic era when the whole area was the sea bottom on which a sandstone layer was created by the process of sedimentation. Among the popular destination of Hruboskalsko are the Kapelník (Bandmaster) rock complex, the Marian view point offering a stunning view of the panorama with the Trosky castle ruins, Kozákov hill and the Hrubá Skála chateau as well as the symbolic cemetery of the tragically perished rock climbers located in the crevasse under this view point. The Hruboskalsko rock city is an interesting tip for a one-day or longer trip from Prague and its visit can be combined with visiting the Valdštejn or Kost castles, the Trosky castle ruins or other historical monuments or natural attractions in the Czech republic.

Photos: Aleš Mihálik

Address: Hruboskalsko

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