Broumov Area

The Broumov Protected Landscape Area is located at the northeastern edge of the Czech Republic by the Polish border in the Broumov Projection and is a true paradise for any lover of nature and rock cities. A natural center of the Broumov area is the town of Broumov which features the Benedictine Broumov Monastery whose current high Baroque design is the work of the architect Kilián Ignác Dintzenhofer, as well as the wooden church of St. Mary. In the vicinity of Broumov there are the Broumov Rock Walls, the Adršpach-Teplice Rock City as well as other natural and cultural attractions which include the Javoří Mountains, the Kočičí Rocks, the Jiráskovy Rocks with the Bishofstein Chateau or the Ostaš table-mountain. The most popular tourist destination in the area is the Adršpach-Teplice Rock City, the largest rock city in the Czech Republic. Apart from the massive rocks that feature spectacular shapes the rock city's visitors can admire two waterfalls on the Metuje River as well as a magical sandstone lake – a former sand quarry. Less known but equally worthwhile are the Broumov Rock Walls – a natural reservation with an almost intact landscape and romantic rock formations, or the Ostaš Mountain with two smaller rock cities. The Broumov area continues on the Polish side of the border as the Table-Mountains (Góry Stolowe), a preserved area with many steep gorges and unique rock formations. The cultural monuments and natural attractions of the Broumov area are certainly worth a few days' visit. What's more, your possible visit to the Broumov area can easily be combined with a trip to the Orlice Mountains (Orlické hory) which feature a picturesque wild landscape, unique folk architecture and a possibility to visit a unique system of army bunkers which were meant as defense fortresses against hitlerian Germany during WWII. 

Address: Broumovsko

In the Neighborhood

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