If you are searching for an interesting city to visit outside of Prague, have a look at Olomouc, a city in Moravia with a true university feel. With over 25,000 students, Olomouc is proud to have the highest density of students in Central Europe. Located in the east of the Czech Republic and situated on the Morava River, Olomouc features a number of interesting buildings and churches, large squares, Baroque fountains and more. The largest square in Olomouc showcases a massive Baroque column, the Holy Trinity Column, which is the largest Baroque sculptural group in the Czech Republic and is protected by UNESCO, as it is according to the organization “one of the most exceptional examples of central European Baroque artistic expression”. The column was built between 1716 and 1754. If you visit Olomouc you can see such interesting sights as St. Wenceslas Cathedral, the Romanesque Bishop’s Palace, the Gothic St. Maurice Church, the impressive Baroque Visitation of the Virgin Mary church on the Holy Hill that was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1995, the 15th century Town Hall with the uncommon Socialist astronomical clock and much more.

For further information about Olomouc: www.olomouc.eu 

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