In western Bohemia is the city of Plzeň, the fourth most populous city in the Czech Republic. The city, which dates back as a town to 1295 is known worldwide for its Pilsner beer and was chosen alongside Mons in Belgium as one of the European capitals of culture in 2015. It’s convenient location as it is only 90 km from the capital city of Prague make it a good destination, especially if you are a fan of beer. If you decide to visit the city of Plzeň you can see the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which dates back to the late 13th century and features the highest tower in the Czech Republic, the Renaissance Town Hall, the Great Synagogue that is Moorish Revival and the second largest synagogue in Europe, a 20 km underground system of tunnels and cellars that you can tour, the Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus breweries and the brewery of Plzeňský Prazdroj where you can learn the history of beer. In Plzeň you can also find a memorial dedicated to the American Army for the liberation of the city in 1945.

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