Mladá Boleslav

Mladá Boleslav is a city in central Bohemia on the bank of the Jizera River. Being only 50 km from Prague, Mladá Boleslav is a good choice for a day trip from the capital. The city dates back to the 10th century under the rule of Boleslav II. With over 1,000 years of history the town has a rich history and many interesting sights. It is interesting to note that from the 15th century to the 17th century Mladá Boleslav was the center of the Union of Bohemian Brethren, a union that inspired and influenced the quality of life, education and architecture. In the 19th century the city became home to the Laurin & Klement automobile factory, which is today known to the world as Škoda. The Škoda factory brought with it massive growth and wealth to the city until the 1948 Communist Revolution, which in turn brought the city a mass decline. Since the 90s the city has been enjoying once again economic growth as the Škoda brand is now owned by the Volkswagen Group.  

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Address: Mladá Boleslav

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