The Church of Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception and St. Ignatus in Klatovy

Klatovy is a medium-sized Czech town with 22 thousand inhabitants located in the south western Czech Republic in the wonderful area of the Sumava Mountains, a natural peaceful escape for many Czechs as well as foreign visitors who want a rest from big city life. The former Jesuit Church of Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception and St. Ignatus is located in the center of Klatovy in the southwestern part of the main square and it is a prime example of Czech Baroque architecture. The building of the church, which took 23 years to complete, started in the second half of the 17th century after the Jesuit order came to Klatovy. The first builder of the structure was Carlo Lurago, an important Italian architect and sculptor who also cooperated on the construction of the Prague Klementinum Monastery and the Strahov Monastery. The project was later taken over by Giovanni Domenico Orsi de Ursini, another distinguished Czech-Italian architect. The gorgeous church has a classical Jesuit ground plan of a Latin cross with a dome above the crossing of the arms; while you enter this unique flower of Bohemian Baroque via a richly decorated portal, you will most certainly admire the masterful work of Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer. The church is located above mysterious catacombs, a former burial ground, which still features about thirty mummified bodies resting in peace. Right next to the Baroque church is the 81 meter tall Black Tower (Cerna vez) offering spectacular views of the whole town as well as the White Unicorn house (dum U bileho jednorozce), which features the interiors of a historical pharmacy from Baroque times.

Address: [49.395003;13.292711]

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