Prachov Rock Formations | Photo: Aleš Mihálik
Natural Attractions | Prachov Rock Formations | Photo: A. Mihálik
Czech Paradise | Prachov Rock City
Prachov Rock Formations | Photo: A. Mihálik | Natural Attractions

Prachov Rock Formations (Prachovské skály)

The Prachov Rock Formations, one of the best-known rock cities in the Czech Republic, is located in northwestern Bohemia between the towns of Jičín and Sobotka and ranks among the most popular trip destinations in the Czech Paradise (Český ráj) UNESCO geopark. The Prachov Rock Formations offer many impressive sandstone formations set in a romantically varied landscape with many deep gorges and high rock towers offering round-about views, and so have always attracted hikers as well as rock-climbers. The visitors of the Prachov Rock Formations have a choice between two routes with the shorter one taking about 45 minutes while the longer and more physically demanding one can take up to 2.5 hours and measures about 3.5 km. The Prachov Rock formations, like other sandstone rock formations of the Czech Paradise, date back to the Mesozoic era during which the whole area used to be the sea bottom. Historically, the Prachov Rock Formations belong to the Velíš dominion once dominated by the now non-existent Velíš Castle, built by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar I. After the battle of Bílá Hora the dominion became property of the Schlick family which owned the Prachov Rock Formations until 1948 and to whom the area was returned in 1993. The entry to the Prachov rock formations is paid (with discounts for students, children and seniors) as is parking at one of the two nearby parking lots. The Prachov Rock Formations are open to the public from April to October everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We recommend to combine the trip to the Prachov Rock Formations with a visit to the gorgeous historical centers of the Jičín and Sobotka towns or other natural attractions or historical sights of the Czech Paradise.

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