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If you are planning on a trip outside of Prague, do not miss the quaint, charming town of Telč in Moravia. Telč, which dates back to 1099, is famous for its main square and chateau as they are superb examples of Czech / Italian Renaissance architecture. The UNESCO protected town (since 1992) is surrounded by a system of lakes and ponds making it even more picturesque. Directly outside of town you can find a forest with marked trails and whimsical lakes including the Lake of Snakes and the Lake of Love. The main square, chateau and the surrounding areas have kept their Renaissance appearance making the city center appear as though it has been completely trapped in time. If you visit this colorful gem of a town you will surely feel as though you have stepped back in time to a magical, lovely place. The town’s Renaissance facades and Chateau (remodeled from its Gothic style to Renaissance) are thanks to the enlightened and wealthy Zachariáš of Hradec and his noble wife Kateřina of Wallenstein. Zachariáš was fond of the Italian Renaissance style after witnessing the architecture firsthand on a trip to Italy where he fell in love with the intricate style. Italian master architects and workers were invited to the chateau and reconstructed the chateau and the main town square, which had been previously damaged due to fires and a Hussite sacking. Besides the architectural renovations, the noble family also commissioned the building and creating of a hospital, the town water mains, new ponds, new market trades and more. Telč flourished under the enlightened hands of the royal pair and thanks to their remarkable efforts and style you can experience the height of the Czech Renaissance in the charming little town. Besides wondering at the architecture and the system of ponds, Telč features many little cafes, wine bars, sweet shops, traditional pubs and more making it a perfect two-day retreat.

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