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Mariánské Lázně | Czech Republic
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Mariánské Lázně | CZ
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Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně, also known as Marienbad is a spa town in the area of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. The charming town is a tranquil retreat if you are searching for a smaller spa town not as touristy as Karlovy Vary. The city boasts an abundance of greenery and numerous noble houses that are architecturally interesting. The surrounding green mountains only make the spa town more enchanting and you will surely fall under the magic spell of Marian’s Spa! The majority of the buildings are from the town’s golden era, when in the 19th century together with Karlovy Vary, the region was the place for aristocrats, celebrities and European Royals to vacation all the while taking in various spa treatments and the curative carbon dioxide springs. The town only dates back two hundred years, however the village of Úšovice was said to exist in the locality from 1273. The springs were first documented in 1341. In 1868 the town received its charter. The town was once one of the top spas in Europe and hosts such characters as Goethe, Chopin, Thomas Edison, Wagner, Franz Joseph I, the Russian Czar Nicholas II and many more. At the height of its popularity in its golden age the spa town was receiving 20,000 visitors a year.

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