St. Wenceslas Church | Praha

Saint Wenceslas Church

Located in Vršovice, a lovely residential area close to Vinohrady is the interesting Saint Wenceslas Church. A Functionalist masterpiece, Saint Wenceslas Church was designed by famous Czech designer Josef Gočár and built in 1929-1930. Josef Gočár, famous for his architectural career, which includes the intriguing House at the Black Madonna, which features the only Cubist interiors in the world, was one of the founders of modern architecture in Czechoslovakia. Saint Wenceslas Church sits perched above a block of neighborhood flats, its thin white tower stretching into the sky high above the area’s buildings. The stream lined modern church features a splendid large circular stained glass window located behind the church’s altar. The glass depicts Saint Wenceslas on his horse. Saint Wenceslas Church is a must see for lovers of Functionalism and modern architecture.  

náměstí Svatopluka Čecha, Praha 10. 


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