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U Sadu

U Sadu is most definitely a favorite of Czechs and visitors alike! It is a traditional Czech pub with a cozy upstairs, it’s walls decorated with everything from garden hoes to saws, while downstairs features a labyrinth of rooms filled with smoke and happy drunk people. If you are lucky a certain bartender will be working and will change into his special outfit after midnight which includes a black leather vest and bow-tie complimented by his large hairy chest. The downstairs also features an older jukebox that is endlessly pumping out Queen and the Doors requests from the locals, consider yourself lucky if you catch a moment like this, as the locals are very enthusiastic about oldies, everyone sings and dances and so will you when someone grabs you! The bar is stocked and the drinks are inexpensive. U Sadu is highly recommended for a very drunk and very Czech night out. If you arrive early enough, food is served although it is a bit on the salty side.

Škroupovo Náměstí 5, Praha 3, +420 222 727 072, www.usadu.cz



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