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Vagabond Shoes, a popular and quality shoe brand based in Sweden has numerous locations throughout Prague. The Vagabond Shoe Company dates back to the late 1960s, a time of student demonstrations and revolutions, a time when anything was possible. In the late 60s the company produced shoes for men and was based in Italy. A lot has changed with the Vagabond Company since their humble beginnings in Italy. In the mid 90s Vagabond move back to its homeland of Sweden to set up a spacious full workshop where the company’s designers can work on prototypes, ensuring that every part of the shoe is produced in Sweden. Not only does this secure the quality of the make of each shoe, but also secures the original design that Vagabond holds over the shoe fashion market. Today Vagabond distributes about 2 million pairs of shoes for men and women in 30 countries around the world including the Czech Republic. For everyday shoe fashion with a twist combining unique design and quality production, Vagabond is where it’s at in the world of shoes. You can find Vagabond stores throughout Prague and as well in Brno, Olomouc and Plzen.  

Na Prikope 19, Praha 1, Myslbek Shopping Center, +420 224 232 234. Vinohradska 149, Praha 3, Palac Flora, +420 255 742 037. N.C. Chodov, Praha 4, +420 272 075 304. Metropole Zlicin, Praha 5, +420 226 082 280. Tesco-Letnany, Praha 9, +420 286 582 356, 


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