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Staropramen Brewery

In the Smichov district of Prague, an up-and-coming industrial turned hip quarter; you will find the Staropramen Brewery. This brewery produces up to half a million bottles a day, plus hundreds of thousands of kegs; Staropramen is the second largest producer of beer in the Czech Republic with a varied portfolio that consists of Staropramen, Branik, Velvet, Kelt, Belgian beers Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe, plus regional brands Ostravar, Měšťan and Vratislav. The start of the sixty minute tour commences with a ten-minute film depicting the brewery process, from there the tour continues through rooms containing old copper tanks that process the malt and hops, past the outdoor cylinders and then to the filling room where you can see the machine operated bottle lines and the packaging transport routes. And after this educational tour you can of course, taste the lovingly finished project. Tours are in English, Czech and German with the addition possibility of audio presentation in French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Danish.

Nadrazni 84, 150 54, Praha 5, +420 257 191 402(300),




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