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Svijany Brewery | Czech Republic

Svijany Brewery

Located about 50 miles north of Prague, in the beautiful UNESCO protected region of Cesky Raj or Czech Paradise, you can find the charming Svijany Brewery, which dates back to around 1564. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Liberec region, this brewery features a welcoming interior with a 16th century patio, a perfect location for tasting the brew and seeing the lush rolling hills of Czech Paradise. Svijany beer has received a number of awards showcasing the quality of the brew. The Czech beer is produced using classic technology that preserves its pilsner quality, a quality that is famous worldwide and is made using mash soft boiling; two phase fermentation and slow maturation at low temperatures. It continues to become more and more popular with many restaurants and pubs in Prague successfully offering the beer on tap for their thirsty customers.

463 46 Příšovice, Czech Republic, +420 485 177 141, 



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