• Clear Head | Vegetarian Cuisine Clear Head

    Located in a building that dates back to 1410 in the area of Old Town on the shortest street in Prague is the extremely popular Clear Head Vegetarian Restaurant. The house in which Clear Head is located is straight out of a fairy tale and features colorful décor and a whimsical dining room where it seems as though you are dining under a dreamy night sky. The restaurant is a non-smoking open-kitchen establishment that consists of a tearoom and a...

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  • Country Life | Prague Specialty Shop Country Life

    Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery, a vegetarian restaurant, and a cosmetic shop. And as if that didn't sound good enough, they also present lectures, organize health weeks, and operate health clubs. The health food stores offer organic barley, buckwheat, spelt,...

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  • Lush | Prague Lush

    Lush is located in the Palladium shopping center, a mecca for lovers of shopping malls. Lush features lovely fresh handmade cosmetics that are simply put, to die for. Liz Weir and Mark Constantine, who met working in a hair and beauty salon, established Lush. After a long history of working with the Body Shop, inventing a mail order cosmetic store and more, the doors of Lush opened to the general joy of those entirely familiar with their products. Lush now...

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  • Maitrea | Prague Restaurants | Vegetarian Cuisine Maitrea

    Located a mere stone’s throw away from Old Town Square, Maitrea is one of Prague's few true vegetarian restaurants. The restaurant consists of two levels, the top level being small and intimate and full of natural light; the bottom level is spacious, warm and welcoming. The wooden tailor-made booths, Buddha decorations, fountains, a fireplace and designer low lighting make the bottom level a quiet and lovely haven from the bustling Old Town of Prague. The vegetarian menu is interesting and...

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  • Plevel Restaurant | Prague Vegetarian Restaurant Plevel Restaurant

    Located in Prague 10 in the up-and-coming hip, young neighborhood of Vršovice is the vegetarian Plevel Restaurant. With strictly veggie restaurants few and far between in Prague, Plevel takes it to another healthy level. This gourmet vegetarian restaurant serves delicious bio organic veggie, vegan and gluten-free cuisine, made with high quality, to happy herbivores and lovers of veggies and health food in a clean, non-smoking setting. The menu is quite extensive and features such delectable dishes as veggie burgers (spicy...

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