Bars in Zizkov

  • Bukowski's Bar | Prague Bukowski's Bar

    Located in the nitty-gritty drinking neighborhood of Žižkov is Bukowski’s Bar, a popular, even legendary drinking establishment that serves thirst-quenching premium cocktails, beer and wine to the hip Bohemian crowd of Prague. Named after Henry Charles Bukowski, an American poet, novelist and short story writer who wrote numerous stories about the city of Los Angeles and its people plus alcohol and relationships, Bukowski’s Bar is the place to be on a lively night out in Prague. Bukowski’s Bar offers a...

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  • Kuře v hodinkách | Bar Kuře v hodinkách

    Located off the beaten path is the gem of a restaurant called Kure v Hodinkach, which translates to A Chicken in a Watch, the name of a strange and famous Czech Art-Rock album from the band Flamengo. If the name is any indication, the restaurant with its main floor and warm cellar bar is decorated with rock and roll photos of international and Czech stars, old concert posters, framed album covers, a guitar shaped light and more. Fully packed every...

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  • Blind Eye | Nightlife | The Red Eye The Blind Eye

    Located in the nitty gritty up-and-coming working class neighborhood of Žižkov is the Red Eye, or the Blind Eye as it is more famously known as. Popular with expats, Czechs and everyone and everything in between, Blind Eye has been responsible for many a hangover throughout the city of Prague. And in Žižkov, an authentic area of Prague with an unmistakable spirit of the real that boasts the highest amount of pubs in any European city district, you can bet...

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  • U Sadu | Prague Beer Halls U Sadu

    U Sadu is most definitely a favorite of Czechs and visitors alike! It is a traditional Czech pub with a cozy upstairs, it’s walls decorated with everything from garden hoes to saws, while downstairs features a labyrinth of rooms filled with smoke and happy drunk people. If you are lucky a certain bartender will be working and will change into his special outfit after midnight which includes a black leather vest and bow-tie complimented by his large hairy chest. The...

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  • XT3 | Live Bands XT3

    Located in the party quarter of Žižkov is the cool XT3 club, a legendary party place known for bringing the DJ scene to Prague, specifically early drum and bass, hip hop and house. XT3 nowadays is one of the coolest places to catch a live gig in Žižkov, whatever your music tastes might be. XT3 consists of two floors, the ground floor being home to a traditional bar area with lots of comfortable tables and chairs while the basement features...

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