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If you are looking for the best in children's fashion and kidswear in Prague, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of the best; offering high-quality and durable brand names which parents and kids alike have come to love and trust, in addition to designer children's fashion as seen in Prague's best boutiques for children's clothing and accessories. Whether you are shopping for back to school fashion for teens or schoolchildren, or for a sweet new outfit as a gift for your friend's newborn baby, you will find the perfect look in our list of Prague shops offering children's fashion.

  • Anna & Viktorie | Prague Shopping Anna & Viktorie

    With its shop located in Prague's Hostivař plus its convenient online e-shop, Anna & Viktorie provides a fine assortment of all things baby for modern, active parents and their children. The popular shop offers not only adorable fashion for children, but also accessory and shoe collections for babies and children, fun and creative educational toys, whimsical yet practical baby furniture, sturdy strollers and much more. Anna & Viktorie wishes to provide products that are good for the development of children...

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  • Armani Junior | Cute Baby Armani Junior

    One of the most famous world fashion brands under the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Armani Junior presents collections of luxury clothing for children and can be found in the center of Prague. In the Armani Junior boutique on Rytířská Street you can choose from exclusive and fashionable clothing for children of all ages – Armani Junior designer clothes for newborns, babies and toddlers, young children from two to eight years, as well as for older kids and teenagers. The...

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  • Babyluxury | Luxury Cltohes for Children Babyluxury

    Luxury clothes for children, that both you and your children will love, can be found at the Prague-based Babyluxury children's boutiques at the Slovanský Dům shopping center and on Maiselova Street. Luxury clothes for children by world famous designers available in these boutiques will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. If stepping out in style is something your children enjoy as much as you do, then you shouldn't miss Babyluxury. Thanks to trendy new clothes from Babyluxury,...

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  • Bač | Shoes for Children in Prague Bač

    Whether your son or daughter is just starting to make their first steps or they are already running around the playground at school, you can buy them beautiful and quality children's shoes with merry patterns at the online shop Bač Bač offers a wide selection of shoes by the Polish brand BEFADO, a quality brand of certified textile shoes that fulfill all health, comfort and practical requirements put upon children's shoes. The Bač e-shop selects the cutest little girl and...

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  • Fare | Shoes for Kids Fare Shoes

    Are you searching for high quality footwear for children that won’t break the bank in the Czech Republic? If so, have a look at the Fare online shoe shop. The company is situated in the Zlín region of the Czech Republic in the town of Valašské Klobouky, a region that has been famous for shoe production for the last 100 years due to the creation of the world famous Baťa brand by Tomáš Baťa. Fare shoes are of the highest...

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  • Kids Prestige | Children's Clothes in Prague Kids Prestige

    If you prefer your children's fashion to come complete with labels by famous world brands, you will love the selection at Kids Prestige boutiques. In one convenient shop, with two well-placed locations, you can choose from high-quality children's clothing by some of the best international fashion designers around. The Kids Prestige boutiques selling children's fashion are located in the center of Prague in the Kotva department store and in the Čestlice shopping zone near Prague. You will find beautiful clothes...

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  • La Femme Mimi | Prague Fashion La Femme Mimi

    La Femme Mimi is a delightful little fashion shop in the center of Prague that sells a dazzling array of colorful silk and cotton skirts, shirts, handbags, scarves, kimonos and dresses detailed with intricate hand-sewn embroidery. The clothing is inspired by Mother Nature and the owner’s own upbringing in Vietnam. The La Femme Mimi collections present bold colorful products showing an evolution of traditional shapes and patterns into bold new shapes with mosaics of silks and embroidery. The result is...

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  • LEGO® wear | Children's Clothing LEGO® wear

    LEGO® wear is high-quality, functional and comfortable clothing for boys and girls between the ages of 2 months and 12 years, produced by the Danish company KABOOKI, a proud member of the LEGO Group. The exclusive distributor of LEGO® wear in the Czech and Slovak Republic is Smartlife s.r.o. whose store is located at Galerie Harfa in Prague 9. LEGO® wear clothing for children not only looks great, but it is also comfortable and perfect to wear. The clothing is...

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