• Prague's Old-New Synagogue Old-New Synagogue

    The oldest of Prague's Jewish Quarter sights, the Old-New Synagogue is the oldest surviving Synagogue in all of Europe, and is surrounded by history, mysteries and legends; its attic is purported to be the home of Prague's Golem, a creature created and animated by Rabbi Loew to protect the Jewish citizens of Prague, another legend claims that its foundations stones hail from the ruined Temple of Jerusalem and were loaned by angels on condition that they be returned when the...

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  • Spanish Synagogue | Jewish Quarter | Exterior Spanish Synagogue

    The Spanish Synagogue is by far the most spectacular temple in the Jewish Quarter. It was inspired by the Alhambra in Spain, hence the title Spanish Synagogue. The Synagogue is stunning with an abundance of Moorish tile motifs of flowers and geometric patterns in brilliant reds, blues and greens with gold trim. The interior boasts color on the ceiling, walls, and stained glass windows.

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